MyBKExperience – All You Need to Know about Burger King Survey

In running a business, it is vital to know what their customers’ reaction to the service and product. It is the reason why some companies create the customer surveys. This survey helps them to identify what the customers like and dislike. Besides, they can find out what makes people come back to their store. Burger King is one of the companies that do the survey. Through MyBKExperience survey, this restaurant wants to make some improvements for their business.


The concept of MyBKExperience is simple. The customers only respond some questionnaires. Burger King is happy to get the customers feedback. So, joining this survey is your chance to share your opinion about Burger King. Indirectly, your feedback can help Burger King to keep changing better. Whether you dine-in or take away the menu, you should not miss this Burger King Satisfaction Survey.

Some information below may assist you in completing BK survey. Before taking the survey, you need to review the requirement, question, and the reward. Here are we have explained it to you.

  • Requirement.

You just need a piece of Burger King receipt. Then, you need to enter BK store location code along with the survey code. Knowing the importance of the receipt, you should keep your receipt after purchasing BK products.

  • The survey portal.

You can take this survey at This survey site has a simple design. So, you will be easier to do the survey step by step.

  • Questions.

There are many kinds of questions asked in Burger King Survey. For instance, you have to respond the questions about the store cleanliness. Then, there are the questions about the employee courtesy and food. Mostly, the survey questions ask about your recent visit. So, you should provide the honest responses. Make sure that you answer all of the survey questions before you move to another page. You do not have the chance to review the previous questions.

  • Reward.

As the survey reward, you will get a coupon for Burger King free item. The gift may vary based on the survey period. For instance, you may get the free sandwich, free drink, or free salads. You can claim your reward by showing Burger King coupon to the store crews. Remember, you only have 30 days to claim the offer. If you redeem it after 30 days of survey completion, your code will be expired. So, visit Burger King now, and grab the reward of BK survey.